The World According to John Coltrane

The World According to John Coltrane is a 1990 documentary about jazz saxophonist John Coltrane.


The World According to John Coltrane, directed by Robert Palmer moves chronologically. It shows interviews with musicians who worked with Coltrane, such as Rashied Ali, Jimmy Heath, Roscoe Mitchell, and Wayne Shorter, and film clips of live performances. One brief clip shows Coltrane playing “So What” with Miles Davis in 1959. Shown, too, is a performance by the classic quartet of Coltrane, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones, and McCoy Tyner at a jazz festival, and the quartet playing with Eric Dolphy. Coltrane’s live performance of “Alabama” is shown in full. The documentary omits commentary by scholars in favor of a narrated chronology of his life, interviews with his contemporaries, and live film clips.[1]


  1. A Love Supreme
  2. Alabama
  3. Blue Monk
  4. Dahomey Dance
  5. Dear Lord
  6. Eight Miles High
  7. Giant Steps
  8. Gospel Song 1
  9. Gospel Song 2
  10. Hot House
  11. Impressions
  12. Impressions 2
  13. India
  14. Koko
  15. Moroccan Folk Song
  16. My Favorite Things
  17. My Favorite Things 2
  18. Naima
  19. Number One
  20. Raga Bhimpalisi
  21. Roscoe In Morocco
  22. Round Midnight
  23. So What
  24. Things To Come

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